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Heat  Loss/Gain and Duct Design

CA Conditioned Air License Exam Prep Review Books

Whether you’re taking the Heat Loss/Gain and Duct Design Class (sometimes referred to as the “J & D Course”) or ready to take the Conditioned Air License, restricted or non-restricted, exam prep class, we have the correct materials for you as outlined by Bill Decker and the State of Georgia.

Unsure of what you need? No worry! We keep the most up to date materials, editions, and amendments as required by the State of Georgia.

We offer a special discounted price for the complete sets of books & materials required by your instructor.

Call us at 770 425 - 5935

Manual “J and Manual “D”

Heat Loss/Gain Duct Design Schedule

Manual J will be taught the first two nights and Manual D the last night. Attendance to all 3 classes is required to obtain a certificate

Dealers Supply Company, Dealers Supply classroom

82 Kennedy Dr  Forest Park GA Tel # 404 361 6800 @ 6 pm

Class Tuition $350 Class is limited to 20 people

Purchase reference books, have highlighter, and battery operated calculator

Mail Registration Form with check made payable to Bill Decker

Bill Decker

c/o Dealers Supply Company

82 Kennedy Dr

Forest Park GA 30298

Bill Decker, Phone 770 761 9107 or 770 354 7539